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Mac Micro Oregon is a micro tier 2 indoor farm located in Mcminnville, Oregon. A lovely small town buried in the middle of wine country  just about 1 hour south of Portland and 30 minutes north of Salem, OR.  Our mission is to grow and provide some of the best cannabis flowers to our local community as a natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals. Having a boutique farm gives us the leisure to give each plant the undivided attention it needs to produce premium quality buds supplied to our trusted brands and retailers and into the hands of consumers.

Cannabis and Healing


Cannabis is the most thouroughly studied plant in the world.  It is no doubt there is great medicinal value in this beauty. We at Mac Micro Oregon believe cannabis can heal most pain and illnesses. With the right strain combination of cannabinoids and terpenes you can combat ailments such as anxienty, depression, glaucoma, seizures, reduce cancer, regulate and prevent diabetes, ADHA, slow the development of Alzheimer's to just name a few.

Our Promise to You


If our plants could talk they would tell endless stories of love attentiveness, compassion, care, and dedication. You can see in the quality of our flowers, we listen carefully to our plants to maintain their optimum health from seedlings all the way to sale. Trust Mac Micro Oregon to provide high quality cannabis, free of pesticides and contaminants because we care about your health as well as our plants.

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Meet the team


Chris Martin


 With over 25 years of experience in management, marketing & business development, Chris brings a diverse background including launching a successful nationally acclaimed winery.  He is well versed in all sides of manufacturing and farming, as well as having managed national and international sales teams. Chris served as the President of the Southern Oregon Winery Association and as a board member on the Oregon Wine Research Institute.  His winery was named one of the Top 10 Hottest wine brands in 2012 by Wine Business Magazine. 


D'Layne Kaye


Director of Brand Development/ Partner

D'Layne has been involved in the cannabis industry for just over 10 years, next to her career in marketing and sales. She has gained exuberant amounts of valuable knowledge and respect from peers within and outside that community. She has experience in all aspects of the industry; from events, retail, blowing borosilicate glass, large and small cultivation operations, and dispensaries... from receptionist up to management position. D'Layne has also been sighted in magazines such as Skunk, Head Quest, High Times, Dope, and Vegas Cannabis Magazine. 

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